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ChristianMingle.com (rated 4 hearts)

ChristianMingle, Christian Dating SiteDating Service Owned By:
Sparks Networks Corporation purchased ChristianMingle.com and purchased Relationships.com and merged the two site into one, called ChristianMingle.com

ChristianMingle Dating Service Members Are Christian Singles Primarily in USA, and Some in Canada

Owned by Spark Networks, a publicly traded corporation, Christian Mingle is part of a whole Sparks Network of dating service sites. There are at least 60,000 to 120,000 active members at any given time. Basic FREE membership is good for looking around inside the paid members area to see if you like the features; and of course to see if there are any Christian singles in your demographic area, or share your area of interests or activities that you might want to contact. “Contact” is the operative word here, because to contact members you will have to “pay to stay” at least one month.

The profile creation process is quick and painless, and in some ways fun with profile aids like open questions to help define who you are.

Membership Costs

Basic FREE membership

1 month = $29.99.

3 months X $16.64 per month = $49.99

6 months X $13.34 per month = $79.99

12 months X 9.99 per month = $119.88

Members can turn of the automatic monthly renewal billing at any time.
Members can cancel their membership at any time.

Paid members can contact and/or be contacted by other paid members; use the excellent instant message system; interact in the chat rooms and forums; can rate profiles: no, yes or maybe, and also save profiles to favorites list; engage in virtual flirting by sending emoticons/smiles, ecards and sparky-sparks to other members to kind of break the ice; enjoy real, life events in certain US cities to meet other members face to face; engage in quizzes and *!*personality test; and get priority 1-800 toll free customer support over the phone. Not bad for the price! Plus, there are daily Bible verses, articles and plenty of Bible studies and other discussions on the forums to give Christian Mingle the look and feel of a very friendly and supportive online community for single Christians.

Searching the Dating Service:
Searching the dating service to find you is a fairly easy to use system that lets you search by “keywords” like “must love dogs” or “missionary” or “snow camping and snowboarding” etc.

Plus the usual defining search criteria like:

  • your ethnic origin,
  • hair color, height and body type (thin, athletic, heavy, etc.),
  • if you have children,
  • your status (single, divorced, separated, married),
  • your education level, if you smoke or drink and how much,
  • and also how recently you have joined Christian Mingle

There are also about twenty one different choices of denominations to search. And getting to save your searches is very helpful and a real time saver especially for singles who do a search everyday or more.

Unique Offer or Feature:

*!*This fun and unique! You can choose to take the exclusive Color Code Personality Profile test and have the results added to your profile:

Red = Your motive is power.

Blue = Your motive is intimacy.

White = Your motive is peace.

Yellow = Your motive is fun.

Negative Feature:

Christian singles must pay for membership in order to contact other members since FREE basic members cannot initiate contact.

In addition to Christian Mingle, Sparks Networks also owns CatholicSingles.com, LDSmingle.com, LDSsingles.com, MingleMatch.com, etc. and uses this exclusive Color Code Personality Profile test on those dating service sites as well.

Being owned by public shareholders, Christian Mingle is obviously not owned by Christians, but there are actually born again Christian employees running the entire dating site. And there are actually born again Christian members who pay to use this well run Christian dating site owned by public stock holders. God does not show favoritism so why should you? If a site is not immoral, and is well run like Amazon.com or ChristianMingle.com then us Christians are free to use them. Do you refuse to shop at a food or clothing store that is owned by public stockholders, and only shop at stores owned by Christians? That is hard to do, since you are in the world, but not of the world. Are you living in a tiny Amish village or living in reality.

For further discussion about using Christian dating service sites that are not owned by Christians, please see our comments on boycotting BigChurch, and for more information on 2nd Corinthians 6:14-18.

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Click here for the best FREE trial membership or visit Christian Dating Sites for more reviews

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