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God, the best Matchmaker of all, created your perfect soul-mate, your personal Adam or Eve. Pray for them daily now before you ever meet, start dating or become pen pals.

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Hope: No matter your circumstances, never give up hope.

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“Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”
Col. 3:17

Dear Adam Meet Eve,
Remember me? I sent you the Associated Press News article about your site. Well,, I am an engaged woman! Mike is my soulmate. We will be married in a month if we wait that long. I will write details for one of your spotlight page soon, but just wanted you to know the blessing and the miracle this site is...God Bless, Christy

>Subject: Bumper sticker
>If you folks have them, >I'll put one on my car.
>I found an Adam for this
> Eve. In Christ, Sara V...

Dear AdamMeetEve,
Brothers and Sisters in Jesus, Just dropping a few lines to say thanks for your website and free trial membership. I know that nothing is free - I understand that it cost you time, effort, money, and last but not least prayer. Me and Denise both send our thanks and love. I met Denise on this site about two months ago. We started writing once a day and within two to three weeks, we wrote two times a day. We believe very strongly that God may be matching us up with each other. We both know it is in God's hands, and God is working it out. Denise lives 600 miles away - we are meeting for dinner next week. We both believe that God will take care of the 600 miles. Again, thanks for your good work. God bless and be encouraged. Thanks, Michael

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penpals, pen-pals, pen pals
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AdamMeetEve Christian Singles Dating is dedicated to helping Christian singles develop friendships that blossom into a life-long relationship with someone who loves the Lord and shares the same interests. Do you believe in your heart that God (the best matchmaker of all) has created someone in this world who is not only compatible with you, but someone who is your perfect compliment, your “soul-mate” for dating, courtship romance and perhaps marriage? If you are a man, you are looking for your special, personal “Eve”. If you are a woman, you are looking for your special, personal “Adam”.

The person you are seeking could be just a few clicks away. If you believe that God can use this singles ministry to connect the two of you much the same way that God brought Adam and Eve together in Genesis chapter 2, then join the photo personals and dating service. Enjoy your no obligation, FREE trial memberships with full access to thousands of single Christians throughout the world.

Before the end of your FREE trial membership in the Christian Personals and Christian Dating Service, you will have the opportunity to convert your FREE trial memberships into paid memberships via credit card, money order or check. We encourage you to pray for your future mate on a daily basis before you ever meet.

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Your FREE trial membership! To provide you with even more Christian singles to meet, we are combining the 11,000-member Christian singles database at AdamMeetEve Christian Singles Dating with the database at A Singles Christian Network to form a huge Christian personals database! And now, wow, praise God for how He has grown His singles database into over 175,000 *active* members.

With an emphasis on activemembers; and a diligent effort to screen out troublemakers this Christian singles database provides you with a secure, wholesome and dynamic place for you to meet Christian singles.

Pray! Meet! Love!

Since you never know where your future mate may be right now, pray for them daily. Pray also that God will continue to mold you into the person He wants you to be. In Genesis 2:18 we see that when God created Eve it was not so that she could cook meals for Adam or mend his clothes; because he had no clothes, and when hungry, he could just reach out and pick his food off a tree. Eve was created for companionship, deep friendship and intimacy. Also remember that there is nothing “wrong” with being single. Jesus was single his entire life on earth yet he had deeper, more intimate friendships than some married couples have with each other. If God has planted in your heart the desire for a mate there is nothing “wrong” with seeking a Godly Christian mate.

Please keep in mind that when you encourage your single Christian friends to join AdamMeetEve Christian Singles Dating...there is probably someone else who is telling your future “soul-mate” about AME service as well. Or perhaps God may use a few words from you to a friend to bring your friend a mate. Wouldn't it feel great to be used by God in some small way to bring a lifetime of happiness to a friend?

With a Doctor of Ministry degree, Jim Rives (Reeves) had a passion to create a ministry to provide insights for Christian Singles into finding and building better relationships. Centered in God, it is a desire to help others find the right "balance" in their lives. Christians often think that this balance is just spiritual - it is NOT! It involves all of us - spiritual, physical, psychological, emotional, and financial.

Each week Pastor Jim covers topics relating to issues and situations that Christian Singles face as they relate to others, topics like dating, sex, divorce, marriage, re-marriage, relationships, romance and more. If you have a topic or question that you would like Pastor Jim to consider for future articles, please visit our Christian Singles Help pages: featuring Articles; Books; and Dating, Courtship and Relationship Advice by Pastor Jim.

You will also find Professional Christian Counseling by Dawn BuBois, a registered therapist with a Masters degree in Social Work and over twenty years of experience.

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