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Table of Contents:
Page.1> Introducing Pastor Jim Rives
Why does God say not to have sex outside of marriage?
Page.3> Dear Jim: How does God relate to divorce?
Page.4> How do I stop having sex outside of marriage?
Page.5> How do I forgive or ask for forgiveness?
Page.6> What about long distance relationships?
Page.7> Are sparks important in a relationship?
Page.8> Should I date a Christian outside my own denomination?
Page.9> What about marrying someone with children if I do not have any?
Page.10> My relationship is not going anywhere – what should I do?
Page.11> What is wrong with living together before we get married?
Page.12> Christian Books for Christian Singles Dating
Need Help?> How do I choose a good Christian counselor?

Dating Safety> Dating Safety for Christians on the internet.

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Introducing Pastor Jim Rives "Ask Pastor Jim"

With a Doctor of Divinity degree, Jim Rives (Reeves) had a passion to create a ministry to provide insights for Christian Singles into finding and building better relationships. The result is JacobsMinistry. Centered in God, it is a desire to help others find the right "balance" in their lives. Christians often think that this balance is just spiritual - it is NOT! It involves all of us - spiritual, physical, psychological, emotional, and financial.

Each week Pastor Jim covers topics relating to issues and situations that Christian Singles face as they relate to others, topics like dating, sex, divorce, marriage, re-marriage, relationships, romance and more. At the bottom of each week's article below you will find an archive of previous articles by Pastor Jim. If you have a topic or question that you would like Pastor Jim to consider for future articles, please send it to Pastor Jim. Maybe you wonder what the Bible says about "Dating Ukraine" perhaps? Or maybe you are a senior single Christian or recently widowed and wonder if "Online Christian Dating" is right for you? Whatever your question, don't be afraid to ask.

You may e-mail your relationship questions to Pastor Jim and he will respond to as many as he can...(so far 100%). All e-mails are held in strict confidentiality. This part of the ministry has proven to fit a real need. Here is a reply from one single Christian after receiving a response from Pastor Jim:

"Thank you for your swift response. I agree with your wisdom and counsel and appreciate you being so honest, candid, and professional, but with the tender heart of Jesus!

Guess I just needed a wise "sounding board"! God is good.....all the time and continues to provide for our every need! Thanks for "being there!"

You may also click prayer request to send a prayer request to Pastor Jim.

Note: Any answers provided to questions posed to Dr. Jim are intended to be ones as provided by a minister. It is not intended to take the place of a licensed counselor. Dr. Rives advises all who are seeking to resolve deeply rooted psychological, emotional or behavioral needs to seek the services of a trained and licensed counselor. The answers provided are intended to be words of encouragement and spiritual guidance as one would obtain from a licensed minister as well as the sharing of Dr. Rives personal experience.

Contact Dawn Sutton for Professional Christian Counseling

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